“I have been hunting since I was eight but taking waterfowl photography for about 4 years now. This image was captured in January of 2016 after a hunt in Essex, Maryland. It was a hen Green Wing Teal and a drake Gadwall.”

---John Koonce   @johnk_83_

TX-044: "Rookie Retrieve"
Ben Adrien - Corpus Christi, TX

GA-028: "Bull Sprig & Friends"
Coleman Brice - Tallahasse, FL

"I am a 26 year old Law Student at Florida State and have been​ actively duck hunting since I was seven years old. I remember my first hunt like it was yesterday; Dad and I went out on an early teal hunt on public land and within 45 minutes we each had our limit. From that day on I was hooked. I haven't changed a bit. After being shown the ropes by my younger cousin the weekend before, I persuaded  two of my law school buddies to take a break from the books and make the nine hour trip to Mississippi the following weekend. An avid duck hunter of nineteen years, hunting mostly swamps and marshes of South Georgia, I knew little about the flooded cornfields of the Delta.  Unguided, we did alright the first day...knocking down 10 birds - two of which are going on the wall. The next day we made adjustments, and for the first time in 26 years I was able to FINALLY put my hands on a Bull Sprig. Needless to say, he’s going on the wall too.

"My name is Greg and I'm pretty much a "down south" country boy. I hunt and fish every week and my pride and joy is my 11 month old black lab "Mojo". This was a hunt in Blessing, Texas on a corn field with about 500 silo decoys set up. We pulled in a few early birds but had a hard time fighting the live birds in the next field."Mojo" is the black lab, "Diesel" is the chessie, and "Goose" is the yellow lab. All in all its always a good time to be out hunting with your best friends...be it dogs or people."

MD-014: "Tuscarora Lockdown"
​Patrick Buckel - Stevensville, Maryland


" This is my father's dog 'Loop' as he was locked down on some Eastern shore snows while hunting with Tuscarora Outfitters of Stevensville, MD."

MS-009: "Sadie"
​Hunter Austin - Vicksburg, MS

LA-010: "Waiting for Command"
​Nick Romaire - Marrero, LA

"This is my dog "Drake" on a duck hunt in Southeast Louisiana...patiently waiting for my command to do what he does best...RETRIEVE DUCKS! He is a 3 year old Chocolate Lab absolutley LOVES to hunt!​"

This photo was taken on opening day with my 12 year old son son and 8 month old dog at the Texas Duck Ranch of Colrado County (www.TexasDuckRanch.com ) . This was the first ever hunt for my dog "Gunner" and the first rice prarie hunt for my son Hunter. It was just one of those moments, the ducks were in the background and the light was perfect. 

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"Born of the Authentic Angler & Hunter"

I grew up in Texas City, TX and started learning how to duck hunt from my dad around the age of 6...public marsh lands around Galveston were the areas we grew up hunting...no high dollar hunting club or anything like that, just pure go-out and work for your birds type of hunting​.  Same goes for today. Even though public land continues to become more crowded, there's still no better feeling than getting out there and making it happen in your honey holes. The day this photo was taken we had scouted around for 4 days - straight trying to find where these birds were going after leaving the roost. On the the 5th day we found the holy grail of public land duck holes. 2000+ birds that didn't even flinch as we walked up on them. 45 minutes of hunting produced 4 limits of gadwal, wigeon and 3 wall-worthy hooded mergansers. Over the next 2 days..8 more limits of bull sprigs, gadwal and wigeon would be walked out of that same "Ghost Pond" 

​- Jake Fuller  @fuller_01

TX-062: "Morning Glory"
Jake Fuller - Houston, TX

MD-064: "Ducks on Post" -  John Koonce - Baltimore, MD

"My name is Ben Adrien, I am stationed in Corpus Christi Texas with the US Coast Guard. With the Upper Laguna Madre right out my back door I feed my outdoor addiction with the world class duck hunting. My hometown friends from Tennessee joined me on the Laguna Madre here in south Texas. Tagging along on e road trip was Marley, a year old Black Lab looking for her first field work. This trip provided her with shallow calm water and lots of ducks to really perfect her skills. With over 70 ducks to retrieve she excelled and is on track to a great hunting career."

A few days of duck hunting from the second split in south Texas


TX-034: "Three Amigos"
Greg Krenek - Manvel, TX

" My name is Nick DeRuyck. I am located in Brookings South Dakota and consider myself to be a hardcore waterfowl hunter. I enjoy taking advantage of the many photography opportunities while out hunting and being outdoors. Aside from hunting waterfowl, I also enjoy fishing, hiking, and just being outdoors. This photograph was taken after one of my many amazing waterfowl hunts during the 2014 season. These mallards were harvested in eastern South Dakota in the heart of the prairie pothole region. Gander valley custom calls are featured in this photo and were used during this hunt. For information on the calls in this photo please visit our website. I appreciate the opportunity to share this moment."

SD-021: "Prairie Pothole Mallards"
​Nick DeRuyck - Brookings, SD

"Sadie Mae and I were hunting in Rollingfork , MS just outside of Vicksburg. While I was drinking a hot cup of black coffee -like a guard dog Sadie stood tall looking for any bombing ducks approaching our flooded bean field. After shooting down a pair of mallards early that morning along with a green-wing teal...the late morning lull that all waterfowl hunters dread was upon us and I snapped this picture with my phone . Turned out to be one of the best pictures I have ever took of her. Sadie and I finished out that day with our limit of mallards and a teal . We both left happy that day!

"This picture was taken on a cold day in northeast Arkansas flooded timber. The mallards were working great for us and were coming in consistently all morning in pairs and groups of up to 10. It was a day full of pretty blue skies and a stack of greenheads. This picture taken right after the hunt is of my buddy's black lab "Coal".

AR-006: "Black River Mallards"
​Blake Clothier - Hernando, MS

TX-004: "Gunner"
​Moore McDonough - Austin, Texas