Are we the first to do a design like this? No, not even close. While some have done it better than others there are numerous organizations both for-profit and non-profit that have taken the liberty to design something in the spirit of the Texas and American Revolutions.

Having said that, we think our designs are pretty cool...and if anyone takes issue with our designs being similar to theirs they have good reason...but not without looking in the mirror first. One cannot point the finger at anyone else for very long without stopping to realize that we are all indebted to those who have gone before us in the fight for liberty. Whether it be the Battle of Gonzalez and the Texas Revolution, or Colonel McIntosh's defiant response to the British’ request to surrender Fort Morris during the American Revolution...our designs all have their beginnings elsewhere. Some will even point further back in history to ancient Sparta to give some credit.

We first and foremost want to recognize the fact that there are indeed people who lost their lives while fighting for freedom and liberty under the old flags that first bore these words. We recognize that and respect that - and in no way do we want to cheapen that history with our company’s design offering.

At a minimum we would love for our customers to stop and read the history of the American Revolution and the Texas Revolution to learn more about these great subjects. In addition, as a small token of our respect and appreciation of our American heritage, Laguna Costa LLC will donate 10% of profits from any sale in our Revolution Collection to either the Daughters of the American Revolution or the Sons of the American Revolution .

Links to more info:

Read more about the Gadsden “Don’t Tread on Me” Flag
Read more about the American Revolution and defending Fort Morris
Read more about the Battle of Gonzalez and the Texas “Come and Take it” Flag

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