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FL-048: "Forgotten Coast Tarpon"
​Taylor Vallejo - Valdosta, GA

"This photo was taken in Sarasota, FL during the 2014 Sarasota Tarpon Tournament. We went 4 for 7 on tarpon and this was the first fish landed that day. Angler Hunter Groom fought an epic battle with plenty of drag screaming action and acrobatic jumps. Landed by hand, a quick kiss and a photo and she was revived and released unharmed."


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Taylor Vallejo's motto is "Find something to die for, then live for it."  This photo was taken on a trip where we were sight casting for massive tarpon. It was in the heat of July in Florida's Panhandle where we typically set up near massive sandy shoals that tarpon use as travel highways."

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FL-007: "Bow to the Silver King"
​Hunter Groom - Sarasota, FL

FL-013: "Tarpon on a Kayak"
​Josh Goodyear - Florida