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FL-047: "Poling the Flats"
​David McCleaf - Fort Myers, FL

Freelance outdoor/wildlife photographer out of Fort Myers Florida. Chase York is hooked up to a nice redfish while James Galante positions the boat and looks at all the other tailing redfish that surround them. Photo was taken in Pine Island Sound , FL .

FL-037: "Marsh Madness"
​Matt Owens - Jacksonville, FL

"I'm 25 years old and a firefighter for the city of Jacksonville, Florida. I have fished my whole life and continue to explore different fishing styles and areas that are constantly producing a productive fishery. Ive recently learned how to fly fish and not joking - I really suck at it. Fly fishing to me is the closest thing you can get to hunting in regards to fishing. It is very frustrating but rewarding at the same time. The amount of effort that goes into fly fishing is probably what makes the fishing style addicting. Sight casting, poling for miles, getting stuck in the mud, fighting the wind, timing flood tides and when a shot at a fish presents itself - making the shot count the first time...all unreal. The fish in the picture was sight fished. We were poling through a shallow clear creek, I was up next on the casting platform and as my buddy stepped down and I stood up on the bow and saw the fish just off to the side - no exaggeration, less then a foot from the bow! All I did was drop it on his nose and he ate. There was no skill in catchingthis fish. She was hungry and did not care that we were there. Any one of us that day could of caught her...I was just lucky enough to be up next on the bow. We caught several redfish that day - all sight casted for and most were caught on the fly. Exploring new areas and being quiet and very patient made this windy and slow day into an unforgettable one; unfortunately, I cannot give out the coordinates of the area! The only thing I would say to anyone is to get out and explore! Go deeper in the marsh, get skinny and in time it will all pay off!"


"I love to fish is the understatement of the decade. Simply being outdoors and on the waters is what makes me happy. One of the main reasons why I love fishing so much is for it's infinite strategies. I also love most sports, fast cars and all types of boats. But, fishing is where I feel the most at one with myself and the world. The more I fish, the more I realize its not fish that I've been chasing all my life. They're simply a bonus. The image is of a speckled sea trout caught post winter in Biscayne Bay in sunny Miami, Florida. It was caught on a 7'-8" T Allen Rod spooled with FINS 10lbXS braid to 20lb fluoro leader to a loop knot and Sebile top water plug. As these trout are found in the shallows and almost always near shore, they're ideal for my father of 75 years and I to wet lines."

FL-023: "Biscayne Bay Speck"
​Hai Truong - Miami, FL

TX-005: "Behold the Redfish"
​Robert Field - Dallas, Texas

" I have a passion for adventure and getting lost. Fishing, hunting, and memories with friends are where its at for me.  My motto is 'Life is not about the destination its about the journey'...while I was on a little journey the morning this photo was taken, my classmates were back in class suffering through Dr. Cheng's accounting lecture. I felt a little guilty as I slid my kayak into Florida's Forgotten Coast. When the water blew up as this redfish swallowed my 'Zara Spook' - I knew I had made the right decision!"

GA-011: "Flood Tide Red"
​Taylor Vallejo - Valdosta, GA

This is a special tribut not only to one of my favorite guides to use in the Rockport / Port Aransas area...but a tribute to ALL GUIDES everywhere that bust their butts for clients. Scott McCune a.k.a. "Saltwater Cowboy" of (www.FishnTexas.com ) I have NEVER met a guide anywhere that works harder to catch fish than Scott. Redfish, trout or ducks...from the flats to the deep blue water he has the full package. Thanks for all you do. 


Robert Field a.k.a. "YaknAggie" is the owner of YakFish TV, an organization dedicated to bringing kayak fishing adventures to the masses through video media. His popular YouTube channel chronicles kayak fishing excursions for everything from largemouth bass to big sharks, as well as rigging and how-to videos. "I landed this redfish 30 minutes into my first inshore fishing trip ever. I entered a kayak fishing redfish tournament knowing absolutely nothing about catching redfish. This brute took my bait, drug my kayak into the reeds, then darted behind me and snapped my rod. I hand-lined him back in and he helped me take 5th in the tournament!"


TX-003: "Saltwater Cowboy"
​Scott McCune - Rockport, Texas

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