"Born of the Authentic Angler & Hunter"

TX-060: "Beyond the Breakers"
​Tod Johnson - San Antonio, TX

Tod is a long time kayak angler and passionate photographer, who enjoys sharing the bluewater realm of kayak angling with the world. This was an offshore trip to a remote Rig Cluster with many of my closest friends. Follow Tod on Twitter to see more of his kayak deepwater adventures @SAHunter_Outdoors

This design comes from one of MANY great images captured by Robert Johnson ( @Ation_Johnson on Instagram ). A certified "YakAddict" Robert is a recent graduate from Texas A&M and an avid hunter, angler and photographer. This photo of Robert with bent rod on a nice redfish was taken only 20 minutes after launching that morning.

TX-019: "Backwater Bend"
​Robert "Action" Johnson - Houston, TX

Brian's story here...


FL-016: "Anchored in the Swells"
​Brian Nelli - Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

FL-013: "Tarpon on a Kayak"
​Josh Goodyear - Florida

TX-005: "Behold the Redfish"
​Robert Field - Dallas, Texas

Robert Field a.k.a. "YaknAggie" is the owner of YakFish TV, an organization dedicated to bringing kayak fishing adventures to the masses through video media. His popular YouTube channel chronicles kayak fishing excursions for everything from largemouth bass to big sharks, as well as rigging and how-to videos. "I landed this redfish 30 minutes into my first inshore fishing trip ever. I entered a kayak fishing redfish tournament knowing absolutely nothing about catching redfish. This brute took my bait, drug my kayak into the reeds, then darted behind me and snapped my rod. I hand-lined him back in and he helped me take 5th in the tournament!"


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