AUS-062: "Christmas Island Charge" - Nicholas Viggiano - Easton, MD

CAN-024: "Lamson Fly Reel"
​Robert Nielsen - Surrey, BC CANADA

CT-017: "False Albacore on the Fly"
​Tim Sheffield - Mason's Island, CT

"I am an avid fisherman with experience involving a variety of techniques, fly fishing holds a special place in my heart. Our goal is to get more involved in sport fishing, and promote proper technique and etiquitte. I hope to expand Formalfly in the near check back for a web site URL link here soon..."

"I measure my success not by the amount of fish I catch but by the amount of moments I capture. I am an avid catch & release fly fisherman with roots in the fresh & salt water. I grew up on a island off the coast of Connecticut & was surrounded by fishing opportunity. The sea is my home but my passion is targeting large trout. After attending Montana State Bozeman for 4 years I never looked back. I now own a lake house in CT where I live with my wife an 2yr old daughter & enjoy the best of both worlds. This picture is from one of the most memorable days of fishing in my life. My father & I have a bond that rivals most father/son relationships. On this particular day we each brought over a dozen false albacore to the boat! To put that into perspective,  many fly fisherman in our area would kill to land just one in a lifetime! With soar arms & unbreakable smiles we put the boat back at the dock to wrap up one of the most epic days of fly fishing ever! Thanks Dad."


"The original was called the 'Teal Blue and Silver' designed many years ago and now know has it's place in the traditional 'Wet Fly Hall of Fame' and is still used to this day and known across the globe. Originally designed for catching river-run sea trout, it was then used on still-waters as a very good fry imitation due to the the black and white bars on its wings. It is still used to this day by the purest modern day angler - who add in their own twist to the traditional pattern."


UK-008: "Fly for the Ages"
​Matthew Pate - United Kingdom

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"Born of the Authentic Angler & Hunter"

"I was born outside of Albany,NY and grew up fly fishing around upstate New York. I currently live on the eastern shore of Maryland and live for fly fishing. Saltwater to fresh, bonefish to trout, anywhere there is water! I also spend a lot of time painting and drawing in various media…primarily fish related. This picture was taking on Christmas Island three years ago while fishing for GT (Giant Trevally) with Christmas Island Outfitters. I was battling a brute on his first big run. It just seemed like the perfect picture. Christmas Island is just an amazing fishery and a gorgeous setting."

---Nicholas Viggiano   @nicviggi424