AUS-035: "Deepwater Dolphin"
Kurt Kiggins - Sydney, AUSTRALIA

"I'm 22 years old from sydeny australia , I travel the world fishing and taking photos , you can see my photo blog on instagram at @kurt_kiggins. This image was shot in southwest rocks Australia, we caught this mahi mahi whilst live baiting for marlin!" 

"I measure my success not by the amount of fish I catch but by the amount of moments I capture. I am an avid catch & release fly fisherman with roots in the fresh & salt water. I grew up on a island off the coast of Connecticut & was surrounded by fishing opportunity. The sea is my home but my passion is targeting large trout. After attending Montana State Bozeman for 4 years I never looked back. I now own a lake house in CT where I live with my wife an 2yr old daughter & enjoy the best of both worlds. This picture is from one of the most memorable days of fishing in my life. My father & I have a bond that rivals most father/son relationships. On this particular day we each brought over a dozen false albacore to the boat! To put that into perspective,  many fly fisherman in our area would kill to land just one in a lifetime! With soar arms & unbreakable smiles we put the boat back at the dock to wrap up one of the most epic days of fly fishing ever! Thanks Dad."


CT-017: "False Albacore on the Fly"
​Timothy Sheffield - Mason's Island, CT

Brian's story here...


FL-016: "Anchored in the Swells"
​Brian Nelli - Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

FL-013: "Tarpon on a Kayak"
​Josh Goodyear - Florida

" Treigh Triplett story here..."


FL-007: "Bow to the Silver King"
​Hunter Groom - Sarasota, FL

"This photo was taken in Sarasota, FL during the 2014 Sarasota Tarpon Tournament. We went 4 for 7 on tarpon and this was the first fish landed that day. Angler Hunter Groom fought an epic battle with plenty of drag screaming action and acrobatic jumps. Landed by hand, a quick kiss and a photo and she was revived and released unharmed."


TX-001: "Freeport Snapper"
David Shavlan - Houston, Texas

"I was fishing with Colby on the Blowout out of Freeport approx 50 miles offshore. I dropped a red and white snapper slapper tipped with the whole sardine. As soon as it hit the bottom I set the hook and my entire rod doubled over. I thought I had a grouper or something much larger than a snapper. As soon as I got it up to the surface, which took about 15 to 20 minutes on very light tackle, I couldn't believe my eyes. We immediately got out the stick and stuck that big boy! " 

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TX-060: "Beyond the Breakers"
​Tod Johnson - San Antonio, TX