"Born of the Authentic Angler & Hunter"

Ol' Dink...always taking pictures wherever he goes. He turned his lens to some awesome wildflowers on a trip to a private ranch just outside of Shamrock, Texas...and then we ended up with a "Wildflower Collection"...Mom is happy. 

FOLDED photo description

This design comes from one of MANY great images captured by Robert Johnson ( @Ation_Johnson on Instagram ). A certified "YakAddict" Robert is a recent graduate from Texas A&M and an avid hunter, angler and photographer. This photo of Robert with bent rod on a nice redfish was taken only 20 minutes after launching that morning.

TX-052: "BOOMVANG" - Dink Murphey - Gulf of Mexico

TX-046: "Basket Flower" - Dink Murphey - Shamrock, TX

My Name is Zach and I'm an avid waterfowl hunter. When I'm not working I spend my time out in the field. Kodiak is a 3 year old Chesapeak Bay Retriever (From Next Generation Gun Dog Training) This picture was taken in Platteville, Colorado on a cold and very foggy morning when we were scouting for ducks

Robert Field a.k.a. "YaknAggie" is the owner of YakFish TV, an organization dedicated to bringing kayak fishing adventures to the masses through video media. His popular YouTube channel chronicles kayak fishing excursions for everything from largemouth bass to big sharks, as well as rigging and how-to videos. "I landed this redfish 30 minutes into my first inshore fishing trip ever. I entered a kayak fishing redfish tournament knowing absolutely nothing about catching redfish. This brute took my bait, drug my kayak into the reeds, then darted behind me and snapped my rod. I hand-lined him back in and he helped me take 5th in the tournament!"

Growing up fishing the lakes , creeks and rivers of Victoria Texas it didn't take long for Robb to adjust to the salt life that Corpus Christi has to offer . Primarily fishing the Upper Laguna Madre Robb prefers wading the green waters of the Laguna. As a avid Kayaker Robb enjoys sightcasting to Reds in the marshes of Nueces Bay and gin-clear waters of Aransas , Copano and surrounding areas. Robb's passion for the saltwater has brought on another interest such as photography. Being in the right place at the right time to capture that specific moment on film is what he enjoys . Follow his journey through Instagram @ Robb_official

TX-045: "Indian Blanket" - Dink Murphey - Shamrock, TX

"I was born outside of Albany,NY and grew up fly fishing around upstate New York. I currently live on the eastern shore of Maryland and live for fly fishing. Saltwater to fresh, bonefish to trout, anywhere there is water! I also spend a lot of time painting and drawing in various media…primarily fish related. This picture was taken on Christmas Island three years ago while fishing for GT (Giant Trevally) with Christmas Island Outfitters. I was battling a brute on his first big run. It just seemed like the perfect picture. Christmas Island is just an amazing fishery and a gorgeous setting."

---Nicholas Viggiano   @nicviggi424

CT-017:"False Albacore on the Fly" ​Tim Sheffield - Mason's Island, CT

"I'm 22 years old from sydeny australia , I travel the world fishing and taking photos , you can see my photo blog on instagram at @kurt_kiggins. This image was shot in southwest rocks Australia, we caught this mahi mahi whilst live baiting for marlin!" 

This is a special tribut not only to one of my favorite guides to use in the Rockport / Port Aransas area...but a tribute to ALL GUIDES everywhere that bust their butts for clients. Scott McCune a.k.a. "Saltwater Cowboy" of (www.FishnTexas.com ) I have NEVER met a guide anywhere that works harder to catch fish than Scott. Redfish, trout or ducks...from the flats to the deep blue water he has the full package. Thanks for all you do. 

The first design we ever came up with for a special collection called the "Freestyle Collection" - a place to put all of those what-not designs generated from various photos taken along the way. These sand dollars were collected in Seaside, Florida while on our annual July family vacation. We are happy to be able to share them with you.

FL-047: "Poling the Flats" - ​David McCleaf - Fort Myers, FL

MS-032: "Swamp Gobbler" - Andrew LoCicero - Destin, FL

FL-013: "Tarpon on a Kayak" ​Josh Goodyear - Florida

MD-014: "Tuscarora Lockdown" ​Patrick Buckel - Stevensville, Maryland

TX-060: "Beyond the Breakers" - ​Tod Johnson - San Antonio, TX

"Sadie Mae and I were hunting in Rollingfork , MS just outside of Vicksburg. While I was drinking a hot cup of black coffee -like a guard dog Sadie stood tall looking for any bombing ducks approaching our flooded bean field. After shooting down a pair of mallards early that morning along with a green-wing teal...the late morning lull that all waterfowl hunters dread was upon us and I snapped this picture with my phone . Turned out to be one of the best pictures I have ever took of her. Sadie and I finished out that day with our limit of mallards and a teal . We both left happy that day!

TX-067: "Brabaranch Quail Dog" - John Doe - Anytown, USA

DE-055: "Speculum Feathers" - Jerry Blakeslee - Milford, DE

I'm from Destin Florida currently a college student at Ole Miss. Avid hunter, fisher and outdoor enthusiast. Turkey was killed on a WMA north of Oxford Mississippi. Picture as seen is the turkey posted on a tree stump in the swamp. 

FL-042: "Seaside Squall" - Dink Murphey, Seaside, FL

CAN-024: "Lamson Fly Reel"-​Robert Nielsen-Surrey, BC CANADA

This photo was taken on opening day with my 12 year old son son and 8 month old dog at the Texas Duck Ranch of Colrado County (www.TexasDuckRanch.com ) . This was the first ever hunt for my dog "Gunner" and the first rice prarie hunt for my son Hunter. It was just one of those moments, the ducks were in the background and the light was perfect. 

AUS-062: "Christmas Island Charge" - Nicholas Viggiano - Easton, MD

CO-059: "Colorado Chessie" - Zachary Dinkel - Johnstown, CO

Taylor Vallejo's motto is "Find something to die for, then live for it."  This photo was taken on a trip where we were sight casting for massive tarpon. It was in the heat of July in Florida's Panhandle where we typically set up near massive sandy shoals that tarpon use as travel highways."

Visit Taylor on Instagram: https://instagram.com/captain_swabbie/

TX-019: "Backwater Bend" - ​Robert "Action" Johnson - Houston, TX

"I'm a surf angler at heart. There's nothing like casting out into the sea of endless waves. The reason I prefer the surf is because you never know what will pick up that bait. The photo used in the design was shot at the Packery Channel jetties where I was looking for Jacks."

---Carlos Cruz   @THE_STRAY_ANGLER

I grew up in Texas City, TX and started learning how to duck hunt from my dad around the age of 6...public marsh lands around Galveston were the areas we grew up hunting...no high dollar hunting club or anything like that, just pure go-out and work for your birds type of hunting​.  Same goes for today. Even though public land continues to become more crowded, there's still no better feeling than getting out there and making it happen in your honey holes. The day this photo was taken we had scouted around for 4 days - straight trying to find where these birds were going after leaving the roost. On the the 5th day we found the holy grail of public land duck holes. 2000+ birds that didn't even flinch as we walked up on them. 45 minutes of hunting produced 4 limits of gadwal, wigeon and 3 wall-worthy hooded mergansers. Over the next 2 days..8 more limits of bull sprigs, gadwal and wigeon would be walked out of that same "Ghost Pond" 

​- Jake Fuller  @fuller_01

I am a horticulturalist/arborist by trade, but have a great passion for whitetail and upland game hunting. Love to photograph everything along the way. I'm located in northwest Illinois. Here stands Annabelle, my American brittany. This photo was captured during her very first hunt on a plot of CRP in northwest Illinois. She was only about eight months at the time. The habitat was thick with big blue-stem grass towering over our heads, but that didn't slow her down this little pup. It was incredible to watch her natural drive kick in and continue to push even when everyone else was tired. Many birds were flushed that day and we managed to bag her first bobwhite quail. We continue to spend time together in the field as well as on the couch. I couldn't ask for a better dog. 

Visit Aaron on Instagram: http://instagram.com/ajroels/ 

NC-030: "Covey Contemplation" - Coleman Anderson - Raleigh, NC

MO-022: "Late Season Pheasant" - Skyler Hussey - Troy, MO

"I measure my success not by the amount of fish I catch but by the amount of moments I capture. I am an avid catch & release fly fisherman with roots in the fresh & salt water. I grew up on a island off the coast of Connecticut & was surrounded by fishing opportunity. The sea is my home but my passion is targeting large trout. After attending Montana State Bozeman for 4 years I never looked back. I now own a lake house in CT where I live with my wife an 2yr old daughter & enjoy the best of both worlds. This picture is from one of the most memorable days of fishing in my life. My father & I have a bond that rivals most father/son relationships. On this particular day we each brought over a dozen false albacore to the boat! To put that into perspective,  many fly fisherman in our area would kill to land just one in a lifetime! With soar arms & unbreakable smiles we put the boat back at the dock to wrap up one of the most epic days of fly fishing ever! Thanks Dad."

TX-040: "PINS & Turtles" - Micaela Barrios - San Antonio, TX

"My name is Ben Adrien, I am stationed in Corpus Christi Texas with the US Coast Guard. With the Upper Laguna Madre right out my back door I feed my outdoor addiction with the world class duck hunting. My hometown friends from Tennessee joined me on the Laguna Madre here in south Texas. Tagging along on e road trip was Marley, a year old Black Lab looking for her first field work. This trip provided her with shallow calm water and lots of ducks to really perfect her skills. With over 70 ducks to retrieve she excelled and is on track to a great hunting career."  A few days of duck hunting from the second split in south Texas 


"This picture was taken on a cold day in northeast Arkansas flooded timber. The mallards were working great for us and were coming in consistently all morning in pairs and groups of up to 10. It was a day full of pretty blue skies and a stack of greenheads. This picture taken right after the hunt is of my buddy's black lab "Coal".

"This is my dog "Drake" on a duck hunt in Southeast Louisiana...patiently waiting for my command to do what he does best...RETRIEVE DUCKS! He is a 3 year old Chocolate Lab absolutley LOVES to hunt!​"

"I was fishing with Colby on the Blowout out of Freeport approx 50 miles offshore. I dropped a red and white snapper slapper tipped with the whole sardine. As soon as it hit the bottom I set the hook and my entire rod doubled over. I thought I had a grouper or something much larger than a snapper. As soon as I got it up to the surface, which took about 15 to 20 minutes on very light tackle, I couldn't believe my eyes. We immediately got out the stick and stuck that big boy! " 
TX-005: "Behold the Redfish" ​Robert Field - Dallas, TX

FL-007: "Bow to the Silver King" ​Hunter Groom - Sarasota, FL

KS-065: "Christmas Mallards"- Eric Hughston - Bastrop, TX

IL-033: "Annabelle" - Aaron Roels - Coal Valley, IL

FL-023: "Biscayne Bay Speck" - ​Hai Truong - Miami, FL

MD-064: "Ducks on Post" -  John Koonce - Baltimore, MD

TX-015: "Muy Grande Morning" ​Eric Anderson - Freer, TX

FL-041: "Rosemary Beach Palm" - Dink Murphey, Rosemary Beach, FL

TX-044: "Rookie Retrieve" - Ben Adrien - Corpus Christi, TX

Tod is a long time kayak angler and passionate photographer, who enjoys sharing the bluewater realm of kayak angling with the world. This was an offshore trip to a remote Rig Cluster with many of my closest friends. Follow Tod on Twitter to see more of his kayak deepwater adventures @SAHunter_Outdoors

BRABARANCH photo description

TX-039: "Dawn's Early Light " - Dink Murphey - Freeport, TX

"I love to fish is the understatement of the decade. Simply being outdoors and on the waters is what makes me happy. One of the main reasons why I love fishing so much is for it's infinite strategies. I also love most sports, fast cars and all types of boats. But, fishing is where I feel the most at one with myself and the world. The more I fish, the more I realize its not fish that I've been chasing all my life. They're simply a bonus. The image is of a speckled sea trout caught post winter in Biscayne Bay in sunny Miami, Florida. It was caught on a 7'-8" T Allen Rod spooled with FINS 10lbXS braid to 20lb fluoro leader to a loop knot and Sebile top water plug. As these trout are found in the shallows and almost always near shore, they're ideal for my father of 75 years and I to wet lines." Visit Hai on Instagram @Haitruongfishing

AUS-035: "Deepwater Dolphin" - Kurt Kiggins - Sydney, AUSTRALIA

Freelance outdoor/wildlife photographer out of Fort Myers Florida. Chase York is hooked up to a nice redfish while James Galante positions the boat and looks at all the other tailing redfish that surround them. Photo was taken in Pine Island Sound , FL .

FL-020: "Bridge Buster Bull" - Adam Peskin - Destin, FL

FL-037: "Marsh Madness" - ​Matt Owens - Jacksonville, FL

I live in Northwest Florida and spend my free time chasing Redfish on my paddleboard. In this photo, I was vertically jigging big swimbaits in about 45 feet of water near a bridge. A few quick snaps and another bull red was caught and safely released. Follow Adam on Instagram @adampeskin01

TX-050: "Mountain Pink" - Dink Murphey - Utopia, TX

I am a 22 year old woman that is completely addicted to the outdoors. I love to hunt anything and everything and my favorite part of the year is hunting season. My goal is to be able to share my outdoors experience with other young people so that more people can get involved in this amazing lifestyle. I tip my hat to the keeper of the stars - and my husband. He sure knew what he was doin' when he joined these two hearts. I hold everything when I hold you in my arms. It was also the first hunt my bird dog Slim ever got to hunt and it was truly amazing to see him work and bring every bird back to hand. This hunt  showed me the "unspoken bond" between my four legged hunting partner and I. 

I am a 20-something native Texan who is just a few months shy of relocating to Asia. I've always been interested in photography-especially nature photography. Lucky for me, Texas offers no shortage of beautiful moments to capture. I also contribute to a great project called The Click Chicks-an idea lab for amateur female photographers. You can see some other Texas nature shots by me, as well as dozens of stellar photos from some truly amazing women from around the world. I woke up at 4 a.m. and drove an hour to get to a Padre Island National Seashore (PINS) where I watched hundreds of newly-hatched Ridley's turtles scuttle toward the rising sun, into their new, permanent ocean home. It was a beautiful, magical moment that I will remember forever.

"The original was called the 'Teal Blue and Silver' designed many years ago and now know has it's place in the traditional 'Wet Fly Hall of Fame' and is still used to this day and known across the globe. Originally designed for catching river-run sea trout, it was then used on still-waters as a very good fry imitation due to the the black and white bars on its wings. It is still used to this day by the purest modern day angler - who add in their own twist to the traditional pattern."

FL-026: "Family Dollars" -  Chaz Bradshaw - Fort Worth, TX

"I'm 25 years old and a firefighter for the city of Jacksonville, Florida. I have fished my whole life and continue to explore different fishing styles and areas that are constantly producing a productive fishery. Ive recently learned how to fly fish and not joking - I really suck at it. Fly fishing to me is the closest thing you can get to hunting in regards to fishing. It is very frustrating but rewarding at the same time. The amount of effort that goes into fly fishing is probably what makes the fishing style addicting. Sight casting, poling for miles, getting stuck in the mud, fighting the wind, timing flood tides and when a shot at a fish presents itself - making the shot count the first time...all unreal. The fish in the picture was sight fished. We were poling through a shallow clear creek, I was up next on the casting platform and as my buddy stepped down and I stood up on the bow and saw the fish just off to the side - no exaggeration, less then a foot from the bow! All I did was drop it on his nose and he ate. There was no skill in catchingthis fish. She was hungry and did not care that we were there. Any one of us that day could of caught her...I was just lucky enough to be up next on the bow. We caught several redfish that day - all sight casted for and most were caught on the fly. Exploring new areas and being quiet and very patient made this windy and slow day into an unforgettable one; unfortunately, I cannot give out the coordinates of the area! The only thing I would say to anyone is to get out and explore! Go deeper in the marsh, get skinny and in time it will all pay off!"


GA-011: "Flood Tide Red" ​Taylor Vallejo - Valdosta, GA

"This photo was taken in Sarasota, FL during the 2014 Sarasota Tarpon Tournament. We went 4 for 7 on tarpon and this was the first fish landed that day. Angler Hunter Groom fought an epic battle with plenty of drag screaming action and acrobatic jumps. Landed by hand, a quick kiss and a photo and she was revived and released unharmed."

" My name is Nick DeRuyck. I am located in Brookings South Dakota and consider myself to be a hardcore waterfowl hunter. I enjoy taking advantage of the many photography opportunities while out hunting and being outdoors. Aside from hunting waterfowl, I also enjoy fishing, hiking, and just being outdoors. This photograph was taken after one of my many amazing waterfowl hunts during the 2014 season. These mallards were harvested in eastern South Dakota in the heart of the prairie pothole region. Gander valley custom calls are featured in this photo and were used during this hunt. For information on the calls in this photo please visit our website. I appreciate the opportunity to share this moment."

TX-004: "Gunner" ​Moore McDonough - Austin, TX

TX-051: "9 Chicken Dolphin" - Dink Murphey - Gulf of Mexico

TX-068: "Quail Patrol" - ​John Doe - Anytown, USA

QUAIL PATROL photo description


SD-021: "Prairie Pothole Mallards" - ​Nick DeRuyck - Brookings, SD


" This is my father's dog 'Loop' as he was locked down on some Eastern shore snows while hunting with Tuscarora Outfitters of Stevensville, MD."

TX-025: "Coastal Bender" - ​Robb Guerra - Corpus Christi, TX

TX-061: "Morning Glory" - Jake Fuller - Houston, TX

Brian was raised in the North West Suburbs of Chicago. Once Brian graduated college he decided he needed to make the move to the place where fishing could be a year-round activity. Since 2006 Brian has been kayak fishing the inshore, nearshore and offshore waters of the Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches. Since 2009 he has been fishing kayak tournaments all around Florida. During the Summer months Brian conducts kids fishing clinics in Palm Beach and surrounding counties. He loves the thrill of the hunt and to share his passion of fishing with others. 
"Santa Elena Ranch is our home in the Valley. Located between San Isidro and Santa Elena, Texas. This 5000 acre ranch has been cultivated for the last 20 years to be one of Texas' premier quail hunting destinations. The Mexican style house looks out over a fresh water tank, and the patio with fire pit allows for incredible star filled nights, beer drinking, and sharing stories with life long friends. Since a child I have been lucky enough to bird hunt  with my father on leases in South Texas. Now that my father is gone, I am extremely blessed to be able to carry on this tradition with my own boys at this beautiful, one of a kind ranch."

FL-027: "HUACHINANGO" -  Mike Valentino - Grayton Beach, FL

“I have been hunting since I was eight but taking waterfowl photography for about 4 years now. This image was captured in January of 2016 after a hunt in Essex, Maryland. It was a hen Green Wing Teal and a drake Gadwall.” 

---John Koonce   @johnk_83_

SC-038: "Chiggergrove Brittanies " - David Plyler - Ashville, NC

TX-034: "Three Amigos" - Greg Krenek - Manvel, TX

TX-002: "Santa Elena" ​Colby Stewart - Houston, TX

FL-016: "Anchored in the Swells" ​Brian Nelli - Palm Beach, FL

"My name is Greg and I'm pretty much a "down south" country boy. I hunt and fish every week and my pride and joy is my 11 month old black lab "Mojo". This was a hunt in Blessing, Texas on a corn field with about 500 silo decoys set up. We pulled in a few early birds but had a hard time fighting the live birds in the next field."Mojo" is the black lab, "Diesel" is the chessie, and "Goose" is the yellow lab. All in all its always a good time to be out hunting with your best friends...be it dogs or people."

Started hunting waterfowl when I was 11 with my Uncle. Fell in love with it right away. Have been an avid waterfowl hunter ever since. A cold late season morning on a solo hunt, slow morning nothing really flying. Just when I was about to call it a day, I hear some quacks in the distance, I quickly called back and one loop around they locked up beautifully into the spread and managed to get one. Nearly falling right into the blind I looked down to see the remarkable coloring in this black duck's wing. That was the only duck taken that day but it sure was worth it.

FL-036: "Shark Bent" - Dylan Gigliotti - Fort Myers, FL


Numerical Listing by Design Number of all Active Designs

(Mock up of each Design as it would appear on a DARK or LIGHT shirt)

"I am a 26 year old Law Student at Florida State and have been​ actively duck hunting since I was seven years old. I remember my first hunt like it was yesterday; Dad and I went out on an early teal hunt on public land and within 45 minutes we each had our limit. From that day on I was hooked. I haven't changed a bit. After being shown the ropes by my younger cousin the weekend before, I persuaded  two of my law school buddies to take a break from the books and make the nine hour trip to Mississippi the following weekend. An avid duck hunter of nineteen years, hunting mostly swamps and marshes of South Georgia, I knew little about the flooded cornfields of the Delta.  Unguided, we did alright the first day...knocking down 10 birds - two of which are going on the wall. The next day we made adjustments, and for the first time in 26 years I was able to FINALLY put my hands on a Bull Sprig. Needless to say, he’s going on the wall too. Visit Coleman on Instagram @cbrice89

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"The picture was taken at Chiggergrove in the low country of SC. Me, my father, and a group of friends began going to Chiggergrove every year as a memorial hunting trip to my uncle, after his unexpected death in 2005. He lived in the low country and was a lifelong deer hunter. The year prior to his death, he had just rekindled his love of upland bird hunting and got a male Brittany. He never got to hunt behind that dog (Buck), but that dog has since hunted many days in the low country, after we inherited him. This picture was taken on a our 2015 trip, 10 years of hunting at Chiggergrove. Pictured are 'Nugget' and 'Max', both 11 years old at the time. My uncles dog, 'Buck' is not pictured as he can no longer hunt, but he was in camp with us. Max was retired after this hunt. Of the three Brittany's that my father, myself, and my friend Dustin own and that we have been hunting behind for many years, Nugget is the only one not 'retired'. This picture represents nearing the end of an era. Your offer was pretty much perfect timing to a good run for these pups. A fitting tribute to some fine upland field dogs."

MS-009: "Sadie" ​Hunter Austin - Vicksburg, MS

UK-008: "Fly for the Ages" ​Matthew Pate - United Kingdom
[Treorchy, Rhondda Cynon (Wales)]

TX-066: "Folded" - ​John Doe - Anytown, USA

TX-001: "Freeport Snapper" David Shavlan - Houston, TX

AR-006: "Black River Mallards" ​Blake Clothier - Hernando, MS

FL-048: "Forgotten Coast Tarpon" - ​Taylor Vallejo - Valdosta, GA

TX-063: "Rock Walker" -  Carlos Cruz - Baytown, TX

TX-003: "Saltwater Cowboy" ​Scott McCune - Rockport, TX

"I am an avid fisherman with experience involving a variety of techniques, fly fishing holds a special place in my heart. Our goal is to get more involved in sport fishing, and promote proper technique and etiquitte. I hope to expand Formalfly in the near future...so check back for a web site URL link here soon..." Visit Robert on Instagram @formalfly

"My name is Eric Hughston. For the last 9 years waterfowl hunting has been one We decided to take a last minute road trip to Kansas on Christmas week in search of chasing ducks with my dog. There is no other thing I'd rather be doing. We decided to take a last minute road trip to Kansas on Christmas week in search of mallards, we were met with great success. We found a spot on a big public refuge that was holding 5-6 thousand mallards. It didn't take long after we set up to reach our 3 man limit. This hunt was definitely one of the most memorable hunts of my life. The dog in the photo is my 2 year old chocolate lab "Sage".

TX-012: "Laguna Madre Great Blue Heron" ​Sheri Wickman - Fort Worth, TX

GA-028: "Bull Sprig & Friends" - Coleman Brice - Tallahasse, FL

TX-054: "Paloma Siesta" - Amber Lucas,  - Crockett, TX

"Currently living in Raleigh, NC but grew up in Nashville, TN and Goochland, VA. World traveller, spent a lot of time in Nicaraguan and Costa Rica. Recent graduate of Appalachian State University. Avid sportsmen, outdoor enthusiast and advocate, photographer, and travel/outdoors writer. Solar and renewable energy professional Contacts with "The Outdoor Option," on Sportsman Channel; Producer: Pat DoyleThis photo is of me and my two year old german shorthaired pointer on a quail hunt in northern North Carolina. Seger is named after the great Bob Seger, because on the way to pick him up night moves came on the radio. From day one, he was very curious in not only birds, but also has ran deer, is an established Accomplished upland hunting guide as well as fly fishing guide. Interested in writing, graphic design, product design, and photography in the outdoor industry." Visit Coleman on Instagram 

FL-031: "Keys Bridge" - Matthew Stagura - FL

LA-010: "Waiting for Command" ​Nick Romaire - Marrero, LA

Another image from one of our many trips into the Emerald Coast of the Florida Panhandle...and a special tribute to a guide that always puts us on the snapper...Capt. Mike Valentino of www.TriggerHappyFishing.com  . Capt. Mike is one of a select few that carry permits to launch right off the beach in Grayton Beach. Always a great trip and good time catching red snapper, kingfish, cobia among others. Check out this little video we put together as a small thank you to Capt. Valentino for being such an awesome guide:


" I have a passion for adventure and getting lost. Fishing, hunting, and memories with friends are where its at for me.  My motto is 'Life is not about the destination its about the journey'...while I was on a little journey the morning this photo was taken, my classmates were back in class suffering through Dr. Cheng's accounting lecture. I felt a little guilty as I slid my kayak into Florida's Forgotten Coast. When the water blew up as this redfish swallowed my 'Zara Spook' - I knew I had made the right decision!" Follow Taylor on Instagram @captain_swabbie