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SC-038: "Chiggergrove Brittanies "
David Plyler - Ashville, NC

"The picture was taken at Chiggergrove in the low country of SC. Me, my father, and a group of friends began going to Chiggergrove every year as a memorial hunting trip to my uncle, after his unexpected death in 2005. He lived in the low country and was a lifelong deer hunter. The year prior to his death, he had just rekindled his love of upland bird hunting and got a male Brittany. He never got to hunt behind that dog (Buck), but that dog has since hunted many days in the low country, after we inherited him. This picture was taken on a our 2015 trip, 10 years of hunting at Chiggergrove. Pictured are 'Nugget' and 'Max', both 11 years old at the time. My uncles dog, 'Buck' is not pictured as he can no longer hunt, but he was in camp with us. Max was retired after this hunt. Of the three Brittany's that my father, myself, and my friend Dustin own and that we have been hunting behind for many years, Nugget is the only one not 'retired'. This picture represents nearing the end of an era. Your offer was pretty much perfect timing to a good run for these pups. A fitting tribute to some fine upland field dogs."

NC-030: "Covey Contemplation"
Coleman Anderson - Raleigh, NC

"Currently living in Raleigh, NC but grew up in Nashville, TN and Goochland, VA. World traveller, spent a lot of time in Nicaraguan and Costa Rica. Recent graduate of Appalachian State University. Avid sportsmen, outdoor enthusiast and advocate, photographer, and travel/outdoors writer. Solar and renewable energy professional Contacts with "The Outdoor Option," on Sportsman Channel; Producer: Pat DoyleThis photo is of me and my two year old german shorthaired pointer on a quail hunt in northern North Carolina. Seger is named after the great Bob Seger, because on the way to pick him up night moves came on the radio. From day one, he was very curious in not only birds, but also has ran deer, is an established Accomplished upland hunting guide as well as fly fishing guide.
Interested in writing, graphic design, product design, and photography in the outdoor industry."

IL-033: "Annabelle"
Aaron Roesl - Coal Valley, IL

I am a horticulturalist/arborist by trade, but have a great passion for whitetail and upland game hunting. Love to photograph everything along the way. I'm located in northwest Illinois. Here stands Annabelle, my American brittany. This photo was captured during her very first hunt on a plot of CRP in northwest Illinois. She was only about eight months at the time. The habitat was thick with big blue-stem grass towering over our heads, but that didn't slow her down this little pup. It was incredible to watch her natural drive kick in and continue to push even when everyone else was tired. Many birds were flushed that day and we managed to bag her first bobwhite quail. We continue to spend time together in the field as well as on the couch. I couldn't ask for a better dog. 

Visit Aaron on Instagram: http://instagram.com/ajroels/ 

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